The Joy Of Stuff

I bumped into a friend who had just moved from a four bedroom house into a one bedroom apartment.

I knew the sordid details about the acrimonious divorce. Now I wanted to know where she was going to put her stuff. “I got rid of a lot. It’s so freeing, Ellen.” Perhaps.

Thankfully she didn’t mention the “sparkle” philosophy as touted by Marie Kondo, best-selling author/organizer/and guilt inducer. “If you don’t feel sparkle, toss it,” she admonishes the I-Can’t-Live-Without-It people.

This morning I opened the closet and admired my taste in clothing. No sparkle to be found. However, I did notice many of my wool sweaters had moth holes.

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  1. Vika (Kyiv, Ukraine)'s Gravatar Vika (Kyiv, Ukraine)
    December 8, 2016 at 4:17 pm | Permalink

    Dear Ellen, you are one of those outstanding people who always put a smile on my face and a sparkle of inspiration into my heart! Another concise but totally eventful story with a meaningful message!

    Personally, I’m not a minimalist and will never be one. But sometimes I do feel like dumping my whole wardrobe out of the window since the old stuff doesn’t seem topical anymore. But with the arrival of the new stuff, the story is repeated. The viscious circle.

    I guess the solution is to have a spacious attic where you can keep the now-boring stuff in boxes until you miss it and want it back again but in another combination or function.

    I do not have an attic but I do have a basement. That’s where my boxes are waiting for me to unpack them some time later.

    P:S – Re-reading “THE ESSENTIALS” again. “Navigating the world with a full tank of gas, with a GPS set to success!” 😉

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