“I’m Sleuthing”

It’s time to go shopping.  Thankfully too because I’m bored with my down coat although down coats are now called puffers in case you care. I think they renamed them puffers because people are pretty down these days and manufacturers don’t want to make buyers sad.  Anyway, that’s my theory.

I’m not ready to buy anything as I haven’t done any sleuthing.  Do you sleuth?  Sleuth is when you walk into a store and you’re approached by a salesperson and in the nicest possible way you say “thank you but I’m just sleuthing.” Hopefully they get it and leave you alone.  You finish the sleuthing and if you’re curious about something then you engage with the salesperson.

When I’m ready to pull out the A/E, I’ve done plenty of sleuthing and decided on the one piece I plan to buy.  You got that? Just one piece.  It could be shoes.  A jacket. A handbag.  Maybe a hat.  It must be fabulous and incredibly stylish so you will dance in the streets when you wear it.

That’s also my theory.  Bye.










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