Current Obsessions

1. Good-bye to text messaging. I was reading a book. My phone was not in my hand. The book was in my hand. Reluctantly, I picked up my phone and saw a message from a friend. She was in a cab and wanted to visit. She needed my address. Tsk. A phone call would have solved that problem.

2. Calling to thank someone for a gift that just arrived in the mail before sending the thank you note. Do you know how many times I’ve tracked a package because the thank you note was either late or never came at all? Drives me insane.

3. Techno fiber clothing. I’m never happy (and never myself) when I look drab when it rains or snows. Techno fiber clothing is water and snow resistant. “Outer Voices” is a new line that designs practical clothes that are terrific. I adore their stirrup pant in charcoal.

4. Faliero Sarti scarves. You can buy them on-line. They’re in your face fabulous — huge, soft, colorful, and a big statement. They come in a soft cotton sack so you can tote them in your bag. Cozy for a flight.

5. Making appointments by email or text messaging. You cannot synchronize two calendars virtually. It doesn’t work. So don’t complain when you wish you had plans. The phone, darling, the phone.

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  1. Linda's Gravatar Linda
    September 13, 2016 at 9:15 am | Permalink

    Loved your book and am excited when you post a blog. Great reading and like your opinions!
    Thank you for sharing smart, down to earth thoughts.

  2. June's Gravatar June
    September 13, 2016 at 7:55 pm | Permalink


    I so agree with the 1st one I am reading and do not look for test messages the phone rings and its harder to ignore the phone it could be important if they want you right away…at least that is what i tell my kin.!

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