Mrs. Deligdish’s Yellow Dress

My mother and her posse have this thing when it comes to sartorial questions.  They can “never remember” where something was purchased.  Oh they’ll tell you where to store your mink but clothing? I’ve seen my mother do this schtick so she’s no angel.

One fine day my mother called to tell me she needed a dress.  Her friend “Mrs. Deligdish” (all her friends are Mrs. This or Mrs. That as if I’m five years old) was wearing a beautiful dress but of course Mrs. Deligdish was clueless.

“Can you remember anything about the dress,” I asked.

“It was yellow. Can you find it for me?”

Moral: If someone is generous to gift you with a compliment and then inquires as to where he or she can find that terrific schoolboy bag*, tell them where you bought it.  Or give them the link to their website.

Really. I mean come on.

*The Cambridge Satchel Bag

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