Shopping For My Avatar

It was a dreary summer. A clumsy accident (I prefer to call a clumsy accident a “sports injury”) meant I couldn’t walk about the city, exercise, and shop — three of my most favorite activities. Thank goodness I had downloaded the Bitmoji app (available on iTunes.)

Are you familiar with Bitmoji? It’s your own (and eerily accurate) personal emoji or avatar. You select your features, personal style as well as mood states. It’s been my salvation. Whenever I ruminate about my sorry shape I switch to Bitmoji and shop for my avatar. My avatar has fantastic taste so she’s a little frustrated with the current avatar collection.

A few weeks ago I sent a Bitmoji message to a good friend. She wrote back and told me she was about to pick my avatar’s Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress for her avatar. Unlike in real life when someone copies you and you’re supposed to consider it a compliment, this was a no-no in the Bitmoji world.

Sensitive to my friend’s disappointment, I went to my avatar’s closet and chose something for her winter wardrobe. I then told my friend her avatar could have the DVF dress.

Clearly this sports injury is making me crazy.

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  1. Judith's Gravatar Judith
    September 22, 2016 at 4:44 pm | Permalink

    Hi Ellen
    sorry to hear that your ‘sporting injury’ has laid you low this winter. Clearly you and your avatar need to get out more 😉 Avatars are a whole world which I have thusfar ignored, once again you have opened my eyes to the real world.

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