Shopping The Attitude

About 15 years ago I had the “brilliant” idea to become a personal shopper.  It was not a brilliant idea.  I do love to shop, that is true, but not for other people.

I would meet with a client and review their wardrobe.  Did they have a pair of fantastic black pants?  White shirts? A pair of loafers?  Once they realized they needed everything off we would go.  I’ll tell you this: People cannot make up their minds.  It was very hard on my nerves.

Looking back I now realize that when I took inventory of their closets I forgot to take inventory of their attitudes. Nothing looks good if you’re mopey, sullen or feel the need to apologize for being you.

Feeling confident, upbeat, and positive is how you look fabulous. And those feelings are the foundation for a timeless style.




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