A Therapeutic Wardrobe Intervention

A recent article in the New York Times spotlighted Dawnn Karen.  Dawnn Karen is a fashion psychologist and therapist.  She teaches at The Fashion Institute of New York.

Karen says the way you dress impacts the way you feel. The way you present yourself  through the lens of style has an affect on your social relationships, your professional success, and most importantly, your psyche.

Years ago I sought advice from a psychoanalyst.  We discussed the success and failure rate of people in analysis.  The doctor said “sometimes I just want tell a patient who is lonely to look fabulous” instead of talk therapy.

Miz Karen is on to something.






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4 Comments to A Therapeutic Wardrobe Intervention

  1. Jennifer's Gravatar Jennifer
    May 2, 2018 at 5:07 am | Permalink

    Morning! And yes there’s a lot to be said about how personal style impacts the psyche of the self….inspired to write an essay now…AND…many many moons ago Cynthia Heimel wrote an article in the Village Voice about this…she encouraged the lovely ladies to follow their hearts and posited that we might have an outfit ventricle.


  2. Judith's Gravatar Judith
    May 2, 2018 at 4:43 pm | Permalink

    Hi Fabulous Ellen,

    Of course you feel fab when you look fab! Isn’t that just ‘Dressing 101’? We (you, me, the gang) have all known that for years. It just takes an extra 2 mins in the morning to look in the mirror and take off anything which doesn’t make your heart sing.

    I am finding that the older I get the more fabulous I feel…. simply because I have learnt your ‘chic, cool, edgy’ lesson.


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